ED Relocation Services was created in 2012 by Eugénie Dunant. After five years of experience in the field of luxury relocation and conciergerie, she decided to create her own structure.

Her sharp knowledge of the real estate market in Geneva and the canton of Vaud led her to handle many relocation mandates at first, before expanding the range of her services. Eager to drive the satisfaction of her customers always further, Eugénie Dunant and her team are not afraid of taking on challenges. The success of ED Relocation Services is explained by a unique network of contacts and a simple guiding principle: never give up.



Whether you are an individual or a company, Swiss resident or expatriate, looking for housing or commercial premises, ED Relocation Services is the ideal partner to assist you in your efforts. The mission of ED Relocation Services is not limited to the search for real estate objects that may interest you, it encompasses all the services related to the process, from the preliminary advice to the settlement of all the details during the move-in.

Our objectives are to:

  • Offer you a maximum of choice within a best possible timeframe.
  • Make sure to optimize as much as possible your time and your travels (grouping appointments, convenient visiting hours, filing and follow-up, etc.).
  • Keep you regularly informed of opportunities and progress.


After many years of relocation, ED Relocation Services has opened a sales department in 2017 with the aim of offering a wide range of services in the real estate market to meet the growing demand of its customers. ED Relocation Services has set up several partnerships, including with independent real estate brokers, to be active in Geneva, but also throughout the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

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